Dr. Paul’s at the Bay offers intensive inpatient treatment for addiction to alcohol and other drugs and is intended for young adults who are ready to invest in their future while still undergoing treatment. The year long program is geared towards 18-28 year old young adults. While in treatment, the participants are given tools to enroll in school as well as find jobs and internships in the area. At Dr. Paul’s our mission is to help individuals gain the fundamentals necessary to live a happy, sober life. We have had much success helping people find happiness in long-term sobriety through our integrative wellness programs and now, Dr. Paul’s at the Bay.

Young adults have one of the highest rates of relapse mainly because they do not understand the long-term consequences of their actions. Dr. Paul’s at the Bay is not a punishment or a disciplinary action as much as it is a chance to have a new, different life with a solid foundation, an excellent support system and concrete goals.

The Requirements

All individuals in the Dr. Paul’s at the Bay are required to participate in all every day activities of the treatment program for which they are attending. Clients need to be sober and stay involved in a Twelve Step program as well as agreeing to submit to random drug testing as set fourth in the rules by Dr. Paul’s at the Bay. Participants are required to seek out employment and enroll in school or another training program with the help of staff and educational counselors at Dr. Paul’s.